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"Un espace de liens dans un lieu de soins"

Structurer et animer
un atelier thérapeutique à médiation créative

Artists or helping relationship professionals:

support tailored to your specific needs

to lead creative, therapeutic* or artistic mediation workshops

in a professional, responsible and committed manner.


The training is aimed at:

  • Employees and Individuals working in social, medico-social, hospital, entertainment and art establishments.

  • Freelancers working with people with psychological or social difficulties.



  • At least 3 years of professional experience in the helping relationship,

  • have personal or professional experience in the creative or artistic field,

  • lead a group workshop at the time of training or have significant experience if you are unemployed.

  • Having experience of individual psychic support is a plus.



The level of training corresponds to a baccalaureate + 2. However, people who do not have this level of education can apply for registration, provided they meet the prerequisites.This training is a specialization tool, but does not replace initial training.



  • support the creativity of the subject in psychological, physical, social difficulty,

  • be able to develop a reliable and secure framework,

  • conduct mediation workshops that adapt to the audiences received.


TYPE OF TRAINING: actions for the acquisition, maintenance or improvement of knowledge within the meaning of article L.6313-1 of the labor code


1st semester "Symbolic Creations", 3 days, 6 p.m. (+ 1 hour of individual interview if it takes place in a group). Group rate : €310.

2nd session  :  Theoretical contributions & experiential workshops,3 days, 9 p.m. Price: 310€.

  • The pre-verbal period: the psychic envelopes & the Skin-ego.The attachment bond theory and the feeling of inner security.

  • The key concepts of DW Winnicott's clinic

  • The Malleable Medium & The Function of Mediation Objects.

  • Support for the development of a group project and 1 hour of individual interview .

3rd session: Deepening : Price: 310€

Theoretical contributions & experiential workshops, 3 days, 9 p.m. Price: 310€.

  • The functioning of the group with creative mediation.

  • The specificities of creative mediation with children, adolescents, the elderly or adults with psychological difficulties,

  • Communicate on the workshop : how to work in a team in a mediation workshop. What writings and transmissions of the workshops? Introduce the workshop...

In addition: INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT FOR PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: 8 am,to use as needed.

Via videoconference or face-to-face. Duration 1h30 or 2h. Price: 200€ or 25€/h.

For people who are in supervision or consultation with me, this module is not required.


TOTAL COST of the Training:

- €930 for the 3 modules (61h of training), i.e. €15.24/h.

  • Payment possible in 3 monthly installments or €77.50/month for 12 months.

- €1130 with individual support (69h of training), i.e. €16.37/h.

  • Payment possible in 4 monthly installments or €91.16/month for 12 months.

I am committed to providing "à la carte" training for everyone, supported by a collective structuring of theoretical contributions. I do not subscribe to a logic of intensive production of the transmission of art therapy, of creative mediation, even less of the analytical experience. The small group allows me to be available to advance your project, with the style that is yours.

These contributions are not intended to modify the behavior of a person or a group, but to acquire tools of mediation and understanding to walk with one or more suffering subjects and find the means to mobilize with him. /them,  his/her/their creative resources in the sense evoked by Winnicott. In this, I only use art for its power to transform psychic matter into concrete form and the quest is to be able to allow the subject to reinvest and be reinvested in the social bond, in his relationship with others. , where finally, even with "trouble", he can be himself, lead a life as close as possible to the one he/she is deep inside.

I invite you to readvalues and commitmentsabout it and to call me later or send me an email if you want more information.

Since April 1, 2022, training can now take place in groups, as soon as at least 2 people register.

The price indicated is a group price. It is the same for everyone. The training can only be financed personally.

An estimate, a contract or an agreement are established after a mandatory telephone interview. 

Registration is confirmed upon receipt of the estimate, contract or agreement signed and the deposit of 30% of the total cost of training.

* Therapeutic mediation workshops are designated as such for professionals practicing as qualified therapists or in the therapeutic context of the helping relationship,in specialized establishments only.

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