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Remote consultation

In the same way as for face-to-face consultations, for remote consultations, the key word is:FREEDOM.


Freedom to express and think, like the freedom to change to gradually build a life that belongs to you, in which you take your place.


Consultations can be done by phone or through a platform where we see each other.

Both are interesting. For each, confidentiality is guaranteed.


For the "teleconsultation", I use a platform where you do not need to register. I'll send you a link and then you just write down your first name and we're good to go.


This type of support cannot correspond to everyone because of the difficulty of isolating oneself within the same shared space.


However, for people who are alone or whose family can respect the duration of the consultation without intervening, this solution proves to be a real breath of fresh air to benefit from another time, which can be used to think about oneself, to rearrange one's interiority, prepare for the future, initiate or advance in your projects.


Changes are often facilitated by a period of letting go with the injunctions to "do", to "be", "We must"...

Here & Now is the perfect time for the unexpected, the surprise, the exploration of your own resources and creative abilities. Creativity being there, not artistic, but the possibility you have of channeling your resources, of turning lead into gold, to live the most authentic life, in harmony with your values and relieved of the weight of the past.


In these consultations, we talk. I listen to you and accompany you to connect and reread your story. As part of a teleconsultation in analytical art therapy, I invite you in the 2nd part of the session to file by writing or drawing, what traces for you from what we have mentioned. By phone however, you can send me your evocation written, drawn, or sculpted etc... in photo. It will be taken into account for the next session.


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                                            Béatrice Mora

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