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Great experience at Béatrice. 

The training is clear and Béatrice is very professional and experienced, the place is fabulous, the view breathtaking, the adventure in the Vitamin cabin is a source of peace. To live absolutely!

I recommend.

Sep 2021

Hello Beatrice,

A little message to thank you for everything you bring me in this personalized follow-up. I do regular work with you for 3 days a month, every month. A deep understanding is established during these sessions. This allows me to have a fresh look at several aspects, both professional and personal. The welcome we receive, the right listening, the deep exchanges while remaining realistic, your interpersonal skills, your know-how, your experience as a therapist in the field, all of this represents real nuggets that allow me to move forward with a solid structure and in line with the person I am. I consider myself lucky to be able to benefit from such a contribution of knowledge in a safe environment filled with respect, humanity, creativity, with a person who knows how to accompany us with great professionalism.

See you soon V. 09/29/2021

Hello Beatrice,

In this wonderful yurt we deeply feel your presence. There is in you a very beautiful light worked on for a long time which can make shine in their turn the people who come to see you. From this light emanates a gentle creative energy, the most beautiful, the one that sows and creates in turn. So thank you for carrying all these beautiful values within you and for the path you have taken in your life. And thank you to all these precious souls you have met on your way who have brought you all this precious knowledge but also the art of the creative verb because you have been transmitted to you the knowledge and the value of the power of words and their responsibility. that goes with it and you do it with great awareness and deep gentleness in respecting others.

V. September 2021

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