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Hello Beatrice
First of all thank you for this stay so intense and founding
For your welcome, for the fundamental work done together, from which I come out having had a "new skin" and ready to live MY life in safety, a little surprised and disoriented still like a little one discovering a new world, step by step, curious and a little anxious about all these novelties, taking his bearings little by little with what he learned with you.
I am going to discover the world, secured by the enlightened deciphering that we have made of the past, and the meaning that I have been able to give to it thanks to your competence combining knowledge, knowing and knowing how to be, in a strict, reassuring and clear framework. , nevertheless supple and lively... thanks to your benevolence in the true sense of the term, that which dismisses any insipidity or attempt at deleterious seduction to give way to sustained and structuring attention, made up of attentive listening, sensible and objective feedback all leaving room for the "subject" you encounter and the sensitivity that is specific to it to adapt your interventions on the substance as well as on the form...
Kudos for your creativity
I thank you both for your professionalism and the humanity that lives in you and gives it this particular form that can be described as "  trademark"
Thank you Béatrice and thank you to life which allowed me to meet you
Good road to you and see you soon

P. 04/22/2021

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