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Thematic courses

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The courses are intended for people in search of authenticity and benevolence in their lives.

Sometimes the vagaries of life take us away from ourselves and from the people around us. Our creative resources are like fallow, waiting to be found to be exploited for the benefit of a life richer in meaning, more in touch with oneself, towards a better harmony with others.

I offer you through therapeutic and creative workshops to find respect for what comes from you, what makes your uniqueness and your value. They will strengthen the progress of your projects, and the joy of rediscovering the taste and flavor of being at peace.


They offer a different look at the past and allow us to consider the future and the present with new perspectives.

They rely on our ability toTO FEELthe emotions, theTO WELCOMEin order toEXPLOREand of themTRANSFORM.

The means of expression favor the spoken word as well as sensory and creative tools, which come to lend a hand when words fail to translate our inner feelings: painting, through colors, gesture and symbolic drawing, clay, by its texture, its smell, poetry (writing, reading...)...


​ Accompaniment in therapeutic workshops is referenced to psychoanalysis (DW Winnicott, CG Jung in particular).

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Each course is unique, as each person or group is unique, in its composition, as in its dynamics. It is an act of creation in its own right, constantly renewed by an intention to adapt to each person's research or from what emanates from the group. The frame is stable, reliable, anchored and easily assimilated by everyone.

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Progress of the internships

The accompaniment is adapted to each one, in a group of 4 participants maximum. An individual exchange is planned during the course.


From initial proposals, each participant will use the mediators available for their own creation and creativity. Speaking times punctuate creative times.

In the workshop, everyone works for themselves, towards the development of their own symbols, supported by group dynamics. This internship is complementary to work on dreams or undertaken in personal therapy.

Mediators to tell stories, meet, dream, and work on your own creativity: writing, pastels, gouaches, inks, clay, paper... No artistic knowledge is necessary.

Registration details

A telephone interview is mandatory before any registration.

Registration is validated upon receipt of the completed and signed form as well as a deposit check for 30% of the total.

  • If the course is cancelled:

    • by Béatrice Mora, this amount will be returned to you. However, you can transform it into an individual stay.

    • in the event of confinement, this amount will be refunded to you. However, you can register for a future date.

  • If you cancel after the 14 day period,  the deposit will be considered due.

  • If, for reasons of force majeure, you have to stop the course, you only pay for the days worked.


The balance is to be paid on the last day of the course.

You can pay in installments by check.

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