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Analytical art therapy

Over the course of a lifetime, thinking about oneself sometimes becomes unavoidable.

To overcome difficulties and open new paths, language, expressed in words or images (symbols) is a strength.

Within the confidentiality of the analytical framework, your truth can be expressed freely and without judgment.

Relieving the weight of past suffering, taking a break, stepping back, allowing yourself to be in tune with yourself lead to progressive and lasting changes.

I engage with you on this path of return to oneself, in a non-elitist and non-dogmatic practice.

The consultations are adapted to your rhythm and your budget.

Lasting from 1h15 to 2h, they allow you to have time to arrive and be welcomed, to be able to submit and elaborate what is waiting to be expressed and to close the session without haste for resume your daily life.


"Creativity" is not for artistic purposes here. It designates what mobilizes our creative resources to deal with complicated situations. The productions that are carried out in sessions allow you to analyze with you the symbolic aspects that come from the unconscious.

​ Creation is put at the service of your expression, including if it uses speech as a means offormulate images, sensations and feelings.

Words, speech are part of the experimental materials in the same way as clay, gouache, inks, writing, cutting / collage... and other mediators found in the therapeutic space._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  


This practice relieves quickly but requires regularity.

I insist on non-directiveness and the time necessary for the changes to take place gradually and become integrated durably  into your daily life.

It illuminates your path and opens you to the creation of footbridges, bridges, in these moments of transition when you face a situation of unlinking with yourself.

You do not need to know any creative techniques, since you are not coming to "learn" an artistic technique but toresolve tensions/psychic/family or professional conflicts that have become too heavy, and which slow down your sense of existence.

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