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Workshop "SOUND WRITINGS", a combination of creative writing and musical creation, in Périgueux

Dernière mise à jour : 25 juil. 2023

Do you like the musicality of sounds and words?

Perhaps you need a break from the cacophony and find harmony in your life?

Well, the "Sound Writings" workshop is a human adventure that will make your sensitive strings vibrate to result in a collective creation of one (or more) sound picture!

Registration is open from the age of 16. You can come alone. e, with family, between friends, whether you are experienced or not.

So, feel free to embark, and let your imagination guide you!!

She is never as fertile as when she has fun as a child.

Throughout the week, we build in a group, "sound paintings", from the morning texts and the experimentation of musical instruments, including the voice.

This course is aimed at all types of public, amateur or experienced, including non-francophone or of different ages. The mix is a strength as well as the authenticity that emerges from the cohesion of the group.

It is above all creative, not therapeutic and takes place in a medieval alley in the city center of Périgueux.

David Lévy also brings the recording equipment and you leave with the piece or pieces engraved on a USB key and the moment lived in your memory.

We are more interested in creative research, in sharing, in listening, in experimentation than in formal production. The idea is to build with the contributions of all.


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