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Level 1

Facilitation of creative mediation workshops in an institutional environment.


  • 2 years of professional experience in the helping relationship,

  • have personal or professional experience in the creative or artistic field,

  • lead a group workshop at the time of training or have significant experience if you are unemployed.

Goals :

  • support the creativity of the subject in psychological, physical, social difficulty,

  • be able to develop a reliable and secure framework,

  • conduct mediation workshops that adapt to the audiences received.

  • Prior learning assessment: It is carried out throughout the training and is accompanied by:

  • 2 reading sheets minimum (from a book or passage from a book by the following authors: Winnicott, Anzieu or other document provided during the training), highlighting the links for your personal work, and those structuring the practice.

  • 1 situation study based on his own experience in the workshop.



EXPERIENTIAL INTERNSHIP "Symbolic Creations", 3 days, 7 p.m.


Theoretical contributions & experiential workshops, 5 days, 35h:

  • The pre-verbal period: the psychic envelopes & the Skin-ego.The attachment bond theory and the feeling of inner security.

  • The key concepts of DW Winnicott's clinic (transitionality, transitional object, Holding, Handling...)

  • Mediation through Art and Creativity. The Malleable Medium & The Function of Mediation Objects. Analog language & Symbolization by matter

Support for group project development and individual interview .


Theoretical contributions & experiential workshops, 3 days, 35h:

  • the functioning of the creative mediation group,

  • the specificities of creative mediation with children, adolescents, the elderly or adults with psychological difficulties,

  • work in a team in a mediation workshop. Assess. The writings and transmissions of the workshops...


​Monitoring:8h, to be used according to your needs. Duration 1h30 or 2h. Face-to-face or remotely via videoconference.


​ Level 2:

Animation of therapeutic workshops with creative mediations in an institutional environment.


  • Tosee monitoring Level 1.

  • or any professional working with a public in a situation of social, psychological and/or physical difficulty.

Goals :

  • Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge aimed at restoring the creativity of the subject in a situation of confinement.


  • Support the inventiveness of professionals through experiential group workshops around different media (writing, visual arts, stories, symbols)

This training module will be conducted in collaboration with:

Emilie EDELMAN, Clinical Psychologist, Prison Psychiatry Service (PACA) andVincent RENAULT, Clinical Psychologist, Adult Psychiatry Service (Finistère)


​ Theoretical contributions & experiential workshops, 5 days, 35 hours:

  • Creation in times of war:Psychic Survival & Act of Resistance.

  • Restore subject creativity.
    - Destructivity, Creative Process & Creativity.

  • The clinic of identity and narcissistic disorders.


  • Creation in a prison environment : What healing inventions ?

    • The impact of the prison environment on the subject.

    • Bodily involvement in the act of creation.

    • Adolescent creativity among incarcerated minors.

  • Creative mediation through storytelling:from the malleability of the object of mediation to that of the professional.


  • Creation in a psychiatric environment :"The caregiver, a spokespersonfor dead-end voices."

    • Political issues at the heart of our practice.

    • Fuzzy (or crazy) links with justice.

    • Ia institutional psychotherapy.


Support for project development:8h, to be used according to your needs.  Duration 1h30 or 2h.

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