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You finance your training yourself

The price for the 5 days of training is380€, materials included. It is possible to adjust it in 2 or 3 times.

  • You contact me by phone or email and we set an appointment for a telephone interview. If you are not too far from the place of training, you can come and meet me.

This 1st interview is mandatory.It allows a first contact in order to present the training to you, to answer your questions and thus to know if it is adapted to your expectations.


  • Then, I send you a file including:

- A cover letter for the file.

- Prior information (including right of withdrawal).

- A questionnaire (professional context and expectations of the trainee).

- The complete training program, nearby accommodation, transport.

- An estimate.

- Contract.

- The Rules.

- The General Conditions of Sale.

  • You send me back the completed and signed documents accompanied by a deposit check of 70€.

  • Je sends you in return a receipt for this amount and sends you a personal invitation confirming your registration.


  • The documents should be sent by post or email to:


Les Grellieres



  • At the end of the training, I give you:


  • an evaluation sheet concerning the place of training and its progress to be completed on site.

  • a training follow-up certificate and an invoice.




No request for financial support will be filled after the end of the training.

In the context of letters to be returned signed, please attach a stamped envelope for the return.

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